Queensland ABF officers help stem the flow of vapes into Australia

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Since new vape import regulations took effect on 1 January 2024, Australian Border Force (ABF) officers in Queensland have stopped almost 180,000 vape devices and 25,000 vape products from entering Australia.

This figure includes the seizure of more than 80,000 vape devices in Brisbane in April.

Nationally, the ABF has seized more than 611,900 vape devices with an estimated street value in excess of $16.7 million, in addition to more than 76,080 vape accessories.

These detections send a strong message to the community that the new enforcement regime is well and truly underway, according to ABF Acting Commander Queensland Operations Jim Ley.

“It is well established that the vast majority of vapes contain highly addictive nicotine. With flavours such as blueberry, mango and cola, and packaging featuring cartoon characters, they are deliberately marketed towards children and young adults,” Acting Commander Ley said.  

“All Australian suppliers of vaping products should heed this notice. If you attempt to conceal imports of vapes, we will detect and intercept them.”

ABF officers in Queensland made the following seizures of vapes in April: ​

  • On 9 April, two sea cargo consignments containing 28,600 vapes;
  • On 11 April, a sea cargo consignment containing 8,160 vapes;
  • On 12 April, two sea cargo consignments containing 20,800 vapes; and​
  • On 17 April, three sea cargo consignments containing 23,200 vapes.

Acting Commander Ley said the ABF was currently running targeted operations across the nation to identify illicit vapes as well as illicit tobacco.

“The ABF also works with officials in a number of countries to prevent the export of vapes to Australia, where it is permissible under the domestic laws of that country,” Acting Commander Ley said.

“We expect many more thousands of vape devices to be seized in the coming weeks and months.”

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